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To-day, the history of our country is found recorded in the columns of her Journals more fully, promptly, vividly, than elsewhere. C, aad hy Soaator Doaa iao, to osi«id tho Conpromko Uao of XT. 29 baniflhment thither of felons from the mother country eeem B to have pro- voked no serious objection. • Tliis doctrine w Ul, in all probability, be gradually propagated, till it has votaries enough to countenance its open avowa L For nothing can be more evident to those who are able to take an enlarged view of the subject, than the alternative of an adoption of the Constitution or a dismemberment of the Union."— 7^ J^hderalist, N. The purpose of this work will require only a rapid summary of what was done, and what left un- done, in relation to Human Slavery, A majority of the frame™ of the Constitution, like nearly all their compatriots of our Revolutionary era, were adverse to Slavery.' Their judgments condemned, and their con- * In the debate of Wednesday, August 8, on tbe adoptiaa of the report of the Committee, "Mr.More and more is this becoming the case with other countries throughout the civilized world. That such a colony, in such an age, should have existed thirteen years prior to the introduction of Negro Slavery, indicates rather its weakness and poverty than its virtue. Rurus Kmo [then of Massachusetta, afterward an eminent Senator fh)m New York] ^riahed to know what influence the vote just passed was meant to have on the succeeding |art of the report oonoeming the admission of ■Uves into the rule of representation.A history which takes no account of what was said by the Press in memorable emergencies befits an earlier age than ours. The probar bility is that its planters bought the first slaves that were offered them ; at any rate, the first that they were able to pay for. He could not reconcile his mind to the Article (Art. 3X if it was to prevent objections to the latter part The admission of slaves was a most grating drcumstanoe to his mind, because he had hoped that this concession would have pro- duced a readiness, which had not been manifest- ed, to strengthen the General Government, and to make a fi Dl confidence in it The report un- der oonsideration had, hj the tenor of it, put an end to all his hopes.As my plan does not contemplate the invention of any facts, I must, of course, in narra- ting the events of the war, draw largely from sources common to all writers on this theme, but especially firom 2%e Bebellum Record of Mr. When the Pilgrim Fathers landed on the of Fly- month,'* Virginia had already re- ceived and distributed her first cargo of slaves." There is no record of any serious opposition, whether on moral or eco- nondc grounds, to the introduction of daves and establishment of Slavery in the various British, Dutch, and Swedish Colonies, planted along the coast between the Penobscot and the Savannah rivers during the succeed- ing century. In two great points, the bands of the Legidature were absolutely tied. What are the great objects of the gen- eral system ?Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. IS SSGARDFITLLY, GRATEFULLY INSGRIBBD BY THE AUTHOR, • OXFORD PRELIMINARY EGOTISM. The an- cients, while they apprehended, per- haps adequately, the bitterness of bondage, which many of them had experienced, do not seem to have perceived so vividly the correspond- ing evils of slaveholding.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. No one can realize more vividlj than I do, that the History through whose pages onr great-grand-children will contemplate the momentous struggle whereof this country has recentlj been and still is the arena, will not and cannot now be written ; and that its author must give to the patient, careful, critical study of innumerable documents and letters, an amount of time and thought which I could not have commanded, unless I had been able to de- rote years, instead of months only, to the preparation of this volume. They saw that end of the chain which encircled the ankle of the bondman ; they do not seem to have so clearly perceived that the other lay heavily across the throat of even his sleeping master^ Homer — if we may take Pope's word for it — observed that ''Jove fixed it certain, that whatever day Makes man a slave, takes half his worth away;*' but that the slaveholding relation ef- fected an equal discount on the value of the master appears to have escaped him.Our work, well done, will render his task easy, while increasing the value of its fruits. Bnehaaaa oa Cnba— Doaweratk Matloaal mol T* of ISW r Mpoei* tag Caba. Baw- ard— Jodga Campball^ Statamaat — ^Northara pnpoaala to Join tha Confadaracy— Soelaty lor tta prometio B of National Unity. Siege and Reduction of Ft Sumter 440 Haautloa— Fntlla Nar Hlatlona— Attamet to proviaioa — Ordar to open flra — Bombardmant eonnanoad — FVa rataniad — Intarior of tha fori in flauiat — Wlfrkll^ Toloataaranba My — Andar •on •ttrr Mid Qarriwn laavai for Naw York — Dbdajab Uant. The Nation called to arm»— and responds 449 yvxil West Yirgioi Ac Ungsto the Union 516 Coa Tantlaa callad— Slata oinnl — Mc Clallaa ad Taao M— Fl Kht at Rich M t^a— Rabal rant at Canlck^ Ford— Unkn Ba- palaa at Seaiytewn— Snrpriaa at Cro M Laaaa— Cam Uin: Farnr— Ovyandottc— Romaay— Alla- ghany Rnmmft -Hiintanrtlla YYYTTT The War in Old Virgin U 528 Tlrstala aand* Karoya to Waahlngton— Tha Prandaatli raipon M to thann-Ha ealla hr Hfl OU MUltla— Coaaaafli of tha Pta»-Ra- Bpo BM of tha Bordar State Oov«moc»— Baia- nata In a ftnnaat— Attad on tha Sih Ma Maehn^ ■atto— Do. Lincoln'* iiat Me**age — Varioo* propoaitiona — Hearv May% ▼iilt to Richmond — Cenaarvatlre Repnblicana on Sla Tarr and tha Union— Mr. ..497 Davia^ flrat Mea Mn— Rela Uve etrea^ of tha North aad the Iwaih— Baropean opinton — Slavaiy- Cotton — MUltanr tralal Mr — Army OOcara— Northern nrmpathy with ^tha Soath' —The haait of tha Aopla te 4lw •Id flag aad th«lrwk»la " 22. Manual labor of all kinds was in great demand in the English colonies ; so that, for some time, the ' " A flemish favorite of Charles Y. " In 1663, the English beg^n to import negroes into the West Indies.Some ancient historians favor their readers with speeches of generals and chiefs to their soldiers on the eve of battie, and on other memorable occasions ; which, however charac- teristic and fitting, are often of questionable authenticity. XX John Brown and his Raid 279 Unonco and oarly Ilfo of John Brown— Hb Kaaau Exponoacco— HU Con Toniion In Canada— Repairs to Vinlnia— 8ol»M Harvoi H Ferry— la OTorpowtred — eaptarod— ooa Tletod— nnag. .299 State nectloae of 18ST-«-#— Unooln «erev« Donglaa —Gov. C Ooa Tcat Joa—Ctrdlaa Beo of Sereaeioa immedlatoly and naaaln Moal T paeeed Georgia fol- low*— m do Alabaau L Florida Mladeelppl, j Lonlo- lana, and Texae— Arkanaas North Carolina, Vir (laia, Mla Bonrl, Tea Beeaea, Kaata^, Maryland aad Mlaw BNL reibae to do likawl a o T he Seeoaaloaiata a Biaority tai the Stava Stata B» 14 TSVEX. r Aoa YYn T The Press and People of the North deprecate Oiril War 351 TIm Tribii B«^ ov*rtaii»— Tb« Albuy Ertnlof Jonnial't-Th* Ph Uwtelpfc U MMtlur— M«y«r Haory-^odg* Woedwud-Ocoti* W. on Fana«ylvanlaa»— Tha Babala «p- Mnnoat— Railroad* and talagraphi broken n»- If ayor Brawn and tha Yonng Chriatiana TMlt Waahlngton to damand that no mora Northara troopa antar Bal Mmora— Thalr ■aecan Qanaral Bntiar lands at Anaapol U and rtoo Twa Mary* land— Har tmltori Ma Lqcialatora. Secession resumes its march 4T3 Ft Uonioa— Otaat Dothal— Alasandr U piad— Vianna— Pattaroon'a advaac»-Hl* flaak mo Taaaant to Charlattown— Johnatoa raahat to Maaa Maa— Gen. Crluandan% reaolve— Propoaala to Comfiiom l ae Confaca- tioa of Slave* naed to piomoto tlie Rebellion— The Praaidant^ aeto appro Ted— Atyoamo Ma C XXXY. 572 Stoto p Nparatioas to aid tha Rebellion— F»^t of Jaekaon from Jeffaiaon City — Vlght at Boonar Ula-^Samp Cole— Stoto Oan Tentlon- Jaekaon'* Proclamation af War— Dog Springe — Baittoof Wiiaon% Creek— Death of Lyon- Fremont In command — Lettor to the Preaidanl — Proe Ulna Martial Law— Mal Ug Mi bealegnd at Ledogtoa— 8nrr*ndera — Price ratreato — Fremont pancee— Zagonyi^ Chaige at Spriog- •eld— Framoat a m araaded-^Hailaek la com- mand— Ba Ctto of Belmont. 597 The Prirateer Ba Taonah— The Petrel— Fort Hattoraa— Pa Macola and PIckana— The Sam« tar— Holllne'a Baai aaplelt— Dnpont aad Sher- man^ Kapeditio B— Gaptaaa of Port Royal— Tha Trent Caaa Sarrendar of Mtma and SU- Shame M ear Nndarof the Norfolk Navy Yard— Secc Mion of Virginia— Tennaaeee— North Caro- lina— Arkaaeaa—Mlaaottrl — Blair and Lyon rally n Untoa foroe at St. ha Ting obtained of tliia king a patent containing an ex- clusive right of importing four thousand negroes annually to the West Indies, sold it for twentj- flye thousand ducats, to some Genoese mer- chants, who first brought into a regular form the commerce for slaves between Africa and Ame- rica." — Ifolmea'a Annais of Amerieet, vol. Their first slave-trade was opened the preceding year on the coast of Guinea.

What Franklin, "Vf ashington, Adams, Jefferson, Laurens, the Pinckneys, Marshall, Jackson, Olay, Calhoun, Webster, etc., etc., have from time to time propounded as to the nature and elements of our Federal pact, the right or wrong of Secession, the extension or restriction of Slavery under our National fiag, etc., etc, is on record ; and we know, beyond the possibility of mistake, its precise terms as well as its general purport We stand, as it were, in the immediate presence of the patriot sages and heroes who made us a nation, and listen to their well- weighed utterances as if they moved in life among us to-day. Taylof^Hoa- TT Oay-Joflir Ma Davla-Wobator^ 1th of llareh Hfioch Tho Tosaa Joh. John Sherman for Speaker — Pennington choeen— Jei C Davie'e new Demoeratle Platform- Tho Matloaal Demooa Uo Convontloa at Cbarloitaa— Splita oa a Piat torm- Tho fragmente a^Jonra to Baltimore aad Richmead — Ponglaa aad Fltsnatrlck aoralnated bv the laigor ftae Uoa— Breehlarldgo and Laao by the emallep— Flttpatriek decliaee— H. Johaaoa Mibetltnted— Bell aad Everett aonlnaied bv tho Oonatltatlo Bal Union Partv— Lincoln and ffamlln by the Ro- pablicaaa— The Gaa Taaa— Got. Communicating the design to several gentlemen in London, who be- came liberal contributors and adventurers, three good ships were immediately provided; and, with these and one hundred men, Hawkins sailed to the coast of Guinea, wheroi by money, treachery, and force, he procured at least three hundred negroes, and now sold them at His* paniola."— il Mld., p. "Ferdinand*' (in 1513) -'issued a decree de- claring that the servitude of the Indians is wa^ ra Ated by the laws of God and man." — Ibid., p.3S. The Convention sat with closed doors ; and no circumstantial nor adequate report of its deliberations "was made.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. TO JOHN BRIGHT, BRITISH GOBCMONER AND CHRISTIAN STATESMAN THE FRIEND OF MY COUNTRY, BECAUSE THE FRIEND OF MANKIND. So the first man who ever imbibed or conceived the fatal delu- sion that it was more advantageous to him, or to any himian being, to procure whatever his necessities or his appetites required by address and scheming than by honest work — by the unrequited rather than the fairly and faithfully recompensed toil of his fellow-creatures — ^was, in essence and in heart, a slaveholder, and only awaited opportunity to become one in deed and practice.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. i BIjb Kecord of a STotton^s Stntgg U UP FBOM DARKNESS AND BONDAGE TO LIGHT AND LIBERTY. And this sin- gle truth, operating upon the infinite varieties of human capacity and cul- ture, suffices to account for the uni- versality of slaveholding in the ante- Christian ages, for its tenacity of life, and for the extreme difficulty of even its partial eradication.

In an age of passionate controversy, few are capable even of stating an opponent's position in language that he will admit to be accurate and fair. Deliberate calculation fixed the number esteemed necessary at four thousand. sailed with a powerful expedition against Tunis, to attack the pirates of the Barbary States, and to emanci- pate Christian slaves in Africa, he gave an open, legal sanction to the African Blave-trade."^/^id L, p. It was nearly half a century old in the British West In- dies.

And there are thousands who cannot to-day realize that they ever held opinions and accepted dogmas to which they unhesitatingly subscribed less than ten years ago. Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and British vessels and trading com- panies'^ vied with eagh other for the gains to be speedily acquired by purchasing, or kidnapping, young negroes on the coast of Guinea, and selling them in the American colonies of their own and other nations.

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