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Intel ME firmware is divided into two main categories: Consumer/Slim/1.5MB SKU for Consumer systems and Corporate/5MB SKU for Corporate systems.To understand your exact SKU, manual research on your hardware may be required first.A newer Drivers & Software package has newer Software but the actual MEI driver may still be an older version.MEI-Only Installer includes MEI v11.7.0.1057. The MEI-Only Installer includes the "INF for manual installation" and allows easy installation of the latter. If the software and system services are required in case of remote management etc, users of such systems should install the equivalent complete Drivers & Software package (section A3).It was first introduced in 2015 with the release of Skylake CPUs working alongside 100-series Sunrise Point PCH.The CSE hardware can run Management Engine (ME) 11 , Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) 3 or Server Platform Services (SPS) 4 firmware.Intel Management Engine Introduction: Built into many Intel-based platforms is a small, low power computer subsystem called the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME).This can perform various tasks while the system is booting, running or sleeping.

It's the SOL's equivalent of Intel Chipset INF utility.

Such functionality extends, but it's not limited, to Platform Clocks Control (ICC), Thermal Monitoring, Fan Control, Power Management, Overclocking, Silicon Workaround (resolves silicon bugs which would have otherwise required a new cpu stepping), Identity Protection Technology, Boot Guard, Rapid Start Technology, Smart Connect Technology, Sensor Hub Controller (ISHC), Active Management Technology (AMT), Small Business Advantage (SBA), Wireless Display, Play Ready, Protected Video/Audio Path etc.

For certain advanced/corporate features (AMT, SBA etc) the ME uses an out-of-band (OOB) network interface to perform functions even when the system is powered down, the OS and/or hard drivers are non-functional etc.

So there are a total of three families of CSE-based firmware: CSME (CSE ME), CSTXE (CSE TXE) and CSSPS (CSE SPS).

This is a collection of everything Intel (CS)ME related. Thus, they can be extremely helpful to those who have major problems with their systems for which their manufacturer refuses to assist due to indifference and/or system age. They are compatible with both Consumer/1.5MB and Corporate/5MB systems.

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