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I'm looking for friends to socialise with in the local area, im a busy working mum I have 2 children 12 & 7 yrs old.

I want to get my life back on track after recently separating from a very long relationship, looking for friends with gsoh & having a good time.

) New Date For Parachute Jump - Tandem Sky Dive Change to one of our next events...

Social Group 'Stick it to The Man' & Support the Local Economy!

Those of us lucky enough to live in this area of the South West, know that its towns offer a good social scene.

But where do uk rate the best places to meet singles in our Southernmost county?

I am easy going and like to relax with a drink, conversation and music.

We offer a READY-MADE GROUP OF FRIENDS to enjoy a great social life with, we organise the social events, and do all the hard work in making it happen - all you have to do is participate and ENJOY YOURSELF!It's a great way to have fun, meet people, connect, and make friends!We did our best to enable as many events as possible to go ahead and to minimise any disruption..back to me if ud like to chat x :-* I have to commit to this at some point so I can actually reply to people who I hope will forgive me for not doing so earlier.It has been quite a hectic year having made the move and started a new job in cornwall.

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