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I really enjoyed both days and I am very impressed with the whole event.

Speakers, audiences, discussions and your teams were simply brilliant.

According to the UN the average surface temperature will rise by this amount within this century - with some areas of the world likely to warm by even more.

It was a very well organised and successful event, allowing us to network with clients that we might not normally get the chance to meet. the event was a great success and we found it very useful.

Tropical regions will be the worst hit, and researchers forecast a 10-to-20 centimeter (four-to-eight inch) jump in the global ocean watermark by mid-century.

Major cities along the North American seaboard such as Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, along with the European Atlantic coast, would be highly exposed, the researchers say.

Nearly a quarter of all land used for horticulture in England is in Lincolnshire and the proportion of peas, beans, vegetables and salads grown in the county is even higher.

These investments are part of the UK's efforts at managed retreat, although if temperatures do rise by 3°C it could demand more drastic action.'We've heard that the coast will move so far inland that Peterborough will become a seaside town,' Jason Elliot who works in a shop in Skegness told the Guardian.'We all assume we'll be OK for a good while, but it would be sad if one day Skegness was to go.

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