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"Are you gonna wash me like when I was a kid Daddy? "Yes baby, I want you to be nice and clean for your teacher." I roll up my shirt sleeves to get to work."Now, hand me that body wash so we can get started." She hands me the bottle and I squeeze some onto a bath pouf.I give her another kiss and pull the elastic band from her hair, letting it fall loose on her shoulders before starting to unbutton her white blouse.I push the blouse from her shoulders and fold it neatly on the counter unhook her bra to reveal her large breasts and perky nipples."Bend over now sweetie, and spread your ass cheeks for Daddy." She does as I say and my cock gets even harder at the sight of my girl all soaped up and spread."Yeah baby, just like that." I squish the bath pouf and get my hand full of soap bubbles, then run my hand down her crack."There we go, now I'll leave you to wash your hair baby.

"Oh god baby," I say as she does a little twirl for me, "That makes Daddy so hard for you." "Will Mr. Now go sit down on the couch and we'll wait for your teacher, he should be here pretty soon." "Okay Daddy," She grins and bounces off to the living room."You know I'm going to have to punish you for being a naughty little slut don't you baby? Durow a phone call first, he deserves to see that you get properly punished for being a dirty tease.You sit right here until Daddy gets back." I lift her off my lap and sit her on the couch, going to the phone in my room and closing the door so she can't hear the conversation I'm about to have with her teacher.I soap up her arms and shoulders, breasts and stomach before asking her to stand to get the rest.She gets up and stands obediently with her arms out to the sides and I scrub her back and down her legs.

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