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Pogo is old — my 1951 edition is falling apart despite being a de facto family heirloom.It wouldn’t have lasted 10 years in a public library.

For newcomers to Pogo, here’s an even-shorter-than-Wikipedia guide to what you need to know: it takes place in the Okeefenokee Swamp, features a bunch of cartoon animals who talk in a pidgin Southern dialect invented by Kelly, and the main characters include Pogo Possum (the everyman), Albert the Alligator (Pogo’s cigar-chomping, blustering, not-too-bright friend), Howland Owl (the pseudo-intellectual), Churchy La Femme the Turtle (a happy idiot who likes singing and hanging out with the Owl), Porkypine (the perpetually depressed, but wise and good-hearted porcupine), Beauregard (the pretentious dog) and Deacon Mushrat (the pious hypocrite who tries to meddle in everyone’s business and talks in Olde English letters).I have an original Pogo book that my mom gave to me because I always loved comics — it was so old and yellow it had fallen out of its binding. There’s a summary of the strips in the book here that makes it clear — I remember the Adam Bomb pretty fondly for obvious reasons 🙂 How odd that I misremembered that.The pages weren’t numbered, so I spent many hours as a kid reading the strips and sorting out the flow of the stories so that I could rearrange them in order (this was in the early 1990s). Now I have to go write an email to my mother to make sure she still has the book on her shelf where I left it.Particularly a strip like You can read the story by clicking here.There are four daily strips to a page; click on a thumbnail to read the page.

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