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Even that biopharma risk is mitigated by the business model.After all, purification costs are not related to drug price, so generic competition for one customer down the road is actually a for business, as it will simply create more customers for the bioprocess technology leader.Image source: Getty biopharma industry cannot live without has allowed shareholders to enjoy the awesome growth of the sector without the binary risks inherent to clinical trials." data-reactid="90"Most investors have probably never heard of Repligen, but it has quietly been an incredible growth stock in the last five years, boasting returns of 465%.The company is a leading supplier of bioprocess purification products that are required to manufacture biologic drugs.

Atlassian That's one reason why growth stocks are so important to a portfolio.That hasn't mattered much lately, as cash flow has been incredible and, if push came to shove, the company could cut expenses relatively easily.But if it crops up as an issue with Wall Street at any point in 2018, then it could create additional opportunities for long-term investors to buy shares at a discount.discussed by A steady stream of acquisitions, new product launches, and (importantly) a focus on building the community aspect of its user base have combined to fuel the incredible growth to date.But the billion company could find plenty of room to gallop in the years ahead.

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