Ratendate south africa dating site

We work with very old feature phones right up to i OS version 8 and Android Lollypop.We love to learn new things and encourage our developers to always try new stuff.We take pride in the fact that we help people meet people.And we put a lot of emphasis on safety with a plethora of back-ground safety features as well as a full-time safety officer.

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A joint venture between Luckymobile and Axon Wireless, Laurence Seberini, Justin Lipshitz and Sergei Posokhov have created a mobile only dating business that is focused, popular and going places.We like to believe our staff are happy and if not we are open to talk about it.If you are looking to get in the door with the fastest and hottest tech segment there is, then come and join Rn D Labs and be part of the mobile decade. We host on Amazon infrastructure and take pride in our reliable telco grade infrastructure providing real-time scalability and redundancy.Smiggle came into the market with a twist - the design centered around the concept of shout-outs as opposed to the traditional dating model of browsing user profiles.It was an immediate hit and is used all over the world especially in Africa and India.

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