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Aug 17, 2013 In this Video Tutorial I will show you 3 methods of playing PLS Stream files Radio Stations in Windows Media Player. Not supporting this format -- at version 12 of WMP -- is obviously a Microsoft marketing decision. 9 people found this helpful There is a simple way to make this work.Open notepad.exe, and paste the following code: echo off for /f usebackq tokens 1,2 delims a in 1 do if /i a File1 C: Program Files x86 Windows Media Player b Save the file as play in your C: Program Files x86 Windows Media Player folder. Right click the PLS file and click Open With Use Browse to find C: Program Files x86 Windows Media Player play Make sure Always use the selected program is checked Click OK You can delete the PLS file on your desktop if you want You re done.

So sleep 2 is added to the end to allow the WMP launch to complete before the dos window is closed.

You may see a warning message about AAC streams when you load streams.

I m not entirely sure why it is displayed, it did not hinder playback of the playlist files that I tried.

In addition to that, you are always welcome to post your queries on Microsoft Community forum. The only problem here is that Windows Media Player is not supporting the pls file format.

Users who try it anyway receive the following error message: Windows Media Player cannot play the file.

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