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So while it seems a little annoying that we have to check each states records one-by-one, be thankful that Australia only has six states as opposed to the 48 counties of England, or the 50 US states. We are fortunate enough to have access to some indexes and images of Birth, Death, and Marriage records online.————————————————————————————————————————– BDM RECORDS ONLINE But before getting to them, there’s something else to note, and that is that Australia has privacy rules (I know surprise, surprise!Between 18, the only records are Church Registers, many of which are kept at the Registry Office.Baptisms are the earliest form of Birth Records in Tasmania and contain: Later in the 1890's some records show where the person died.In addition, Probate Packets for 1817-May 1873 (Series 1), 1873-76 (Series 2), 1876-c.1890 (Series 3) and 1928-32, 1941-42 from Series 4 are available in Archives Investigator.Please Note: Given name, surname and a defined search period must be specified prior to any search being undertaken.

They give us all sorts of interesting clues: parents’ names, place of birth, what someone died of, family members as witnesses or informants. One thing everyone who is new to researching Australian records needs to know is that each state has it’s own records, so there is no one-place to search for all Australian BDM records, though there are some partial ones.So don’t expect to find births or marriages that occurred in the 1970s or later listed yet, and the end date on the links below is when the deaths go until.So first up here’s the records that you can find online, and even better, all of these are FREE: New South Wales 1788-1987 Queensland 1829-1987 South Australia 1842-1972 Tasmania 1803-1933 Victoria 1836-1988 Western Australia 1841-1971 and while these are only partial indexes on Family Search, you may just find the record/s you’re after: Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981 Australia, Marriages, 1810-1980 Australia, Deaths and Burials, 1816-1980 Now there are alternatives to them, one being au which is a subscription site.In 1914 age at marriage and issue of the marriage is included.All of the above plus birth place of both bride and groom, age of both parties, address of both parties and names of both bride and groom's parents.

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