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My father held many grudges towards his family and people in the community so he treated me in that respect, no differently than others.I'm a professional, Christian male and I had desired what I just described all of my life.In fact, it may be that things in childhood were notably out of control and wild.Finally, for many kids (and adults) any attention is better than no attention, and so a life-long desire for attention may be focused on spanking, because nothing gets everyone's attention like someone being spanked.I have given this much thought and have sought counseling but M-M Spankings [while much more common than I would have ever thought possible 18 mo. Since about 5th grade I knew that I was never going to get the fathering from my bio. He whipped me very frequently with his belt, and too hard that I wore bruises to school often.What I needed, he didn't seem to be capable of giving me. I needed physical hugs, emotional warmth, and misbehaviors to be forgiven and the actions/behaviors forgotten, not constantly being criticized. He arranged for us to attend an "affair" the next week. I promised to be good and not interfere ever again. I knew I wanted to see him again and experience more. He got a strap and gave it to me "good" for about a minuute while scolding me about my behavior.

He tells me to relax my bottom and look into the mirror. Slowly, ever so slowly he guides himself to my ----. I was always very shy and never wanted to be spanked at that time - but always loved hearing my step brothers or sister get it.Later I still wanted an authority figure dad or grandpa to take charge now and then when I needed it - - - and have mentored and spanked a number of younger guys.RM - (Psychology Teacher) I've known many boys who, like you, use the word "need." The youngest boy to explain his feelings to me in this area was 15 and they have been of all ages and all cultures worldwide.Almost all have said they do not like it when the spanking is taking place and many speak of their feelings of fear and even horror when Dad brings out the paddle but all have shared that common feeling of relief and satisfaction when the spanking is over and they are in dad's arms. CJ I am a STR8 guy in my 40's that needs frequent OTK & other forms of spankings.

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