Dating technique used at sima del elefante

No change is observed in the duration of the aridity period, which remains four months long.

antecessor specimens represent children" as "most of the features tying H. At the site were numerous examples of cuts where the flesh had been flensed from the bones, which indicates that H. The municipality of Atapuerca has grown significantly in economic, demographic and social level with the impact generated with the archaeological site and its associated services.could be a side branch of this clade placed at the westernmost region of the Eurasian continent". antecessor was about 1.6–1.8 m (5½–6 feet) tall, and males weighed roughly 90 kg (200 pounds).Their brain sizes were roughly 1,000 to 1,150 cm³, smaller than the 1,350 cm³ average of modern humans.According to the Science X Network the excavation team at the cave site of Gran Dolina has succeeded to provide conclusive dating of the strata where the Homo antecessor fossils were found.A 2014 publication in the Journal of Archaeological Science states that the sediment of Gran Dolina is 900,000 years old.

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