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But it was hard to wrangle.” (pg 126)The composer of “Khosara,” Baligh Hamdi, never got to hear his tune take over the airwaves anew decades after its composition.But his nephew, Egyptian national Osama Fahmy, sure did, and took Tim to court. On a hot mic, however, Tim lets the truth pour out, his face a cast-iron kettle: A few others in the industry aside from plaintiff Fahmy beg to differ.In fact, those very same guitar riffs could have been Timbaland’s calling card during that era, judging by “Are You That Somebody?

The decadence of this emperor, strangely enough, was neither vice nor vodka nor voluptuous women, but a crime of much higher stakes: uncredited sampling.

He is instead focusing on parenting his own wunderkinder and, up until this year, has been serving as lead composer for another , this one featuring Taraji P. Curiously, though, despite two decades of digital fiddle-work, Tim’s Rome has not yet burned to the ground.

There was a time, however, when all of this wealth was threatened.

He’s not bashful in describing his “prodigious ability to collect and catalog sounds,” but credits everything to his mother, shelter administrator Latrice Mosley: Fueled on maternal tenderness, spare cash from dishwashing gigs, and a reluctant father’s gift of a Technics turntable set, Timbaland truly did build an unlikely empire, one based not in entrepreneurship or ego but in sheer talent, work ethic, and an unmatchable intimacy with sound.

Lately, though, Tim’s been quiet, shying away from the media and — God forbid — Twitter.

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