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In the edit page, I have learnt to filter out the text of the sidebar when arrowing through to find where to place an edit.I locate the other forms (edit summary, watch this page, ETC) by pressing tab. Graham I believe that they are using the latest version of Dolphin, a UK screen reader programme over IE version 6.In fact the default behaviour is only to block anonymous users.Account creation can also be enabled or disabled for an IP address.His actions trigger semi-protection whichdeprives all non-registered editors from editing it.What I would like is a way to block the IP but allow a user to register an account and edit with the account while the IP is blocked.

An administrator will take all of these things into account when blocking a user, so there's no need to worry – Gurch , 4 December 2006 (UTC) Hello!You want Interiot's "wannabe kate" edit counter tool. It will give you a bunch of editing stats including the 15 pages you've made the most edits to in each namespace.—WAvegetarian•(talk) , 4 December 2006 (UTC) I've looked through your contributions list and here's a list of every page you've edited, along with the number of edits to that page.I've put the table in a show/hide box because it's a bit big.(aeropagitica) , 3 December 2006 (UTC) You can even view an article without any skin at all, using action=render.Though I don't know if that's more useful or not...

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